Releasing the power of data to everyone



Civita connects data experts with socially driven organisations to increase their data maturity and their social impact. On a pro/low bono rate, data scientists and data analysts work on a challenge faced by a not-for-profit or a community in order to leverage the impact of this organisation. Civita helps organisations with different levels of data maturity to connect with the right experts.



Our goal is to leverage the expertise of a growing number of data experts across the world to create a better impact. We strongly believe that the power of data and community can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDG’s). While we care about all these objectives, we particularly focus on the following areas:


Learning new technologies and tools; accessing the resources no matter our age, location or background and having the opportunity to teach our knowledge to others.


Access to equal opportunities no matter our gender, age, country, background; reducing poverty; targeting marginalised and disadvantaged populations.


Raising awareness about climate change; improving sustainability and biodiversity.


“Civita connects social issues with data experts to build data equity”

Ethel Karskens  |  Founder


Our Impact

We create the right synergy between the organisations that need help and the individuals who want to help; the problems that are still unknown and the analysis that can reveal them. Civita builds three different kind of impact:

  • How our data work impacts the beneficiaries of the organisations we support

  • How our data experts can learn and leverage their experience with the organisations

  • How the wide audience interact and learn about our data projects


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