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—  Civita creates the synergies, frameworks and tools to release the power of Data for Social Good. We organise three hours hackathons with charities to design a solution that is implemented in the organisation. Hackting also means Learning: every participant is in a team that completes her/his skills and can take the work over to their own portfolio.

Civita was born in January 2019 and is the little sister of Sydney Data for Democracy which was created in October 2017. Read this article to know more about its birth.

As an organisation, we aim to start a conversation about the implementation of projects for social good, skilled volunteering management and ethics in data.

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Ethel Karskens

Founder and CEO


Wendy Doan

Community and Legal


Isabel Waterhouse

Sponsorships and Partnerships


Sarah Lacroix

Events and Hackts


Anna Medioni

Data and Changemakers


Cory Nicely

Data and Changemakers

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