On the 20th of September, Civita organises a data-hackathon with the Atlassian Foundation. While some of the volunteers positions have already been filled, Civita still needs your help for the below projects. Have a read and register your expression of interest. If you are successful in your application, we will send you more details about the projects.

  1. Garvan Institute

Use Natural Language Processing to automatically map medical patients’ clinical notes to relevant medical ontologies & latest research publications. More specifically you will enhance The Garvan Institute's open source NLP labelling tool (HIPPO). HIPPO currently labels PubMed publications. This project will consist in extending this to Clinical Notes as well (a much more unstructured type of document): using NLP engines to annotate clinical notes with a set of ontologies.This enhanced tool will ultimately allow Doctors & Medical Researchers to be much more efficient in their diagnosis.

Cause: Good Health & Wellbeing
Project Category: Data - Data Science (Natural Language Processing) & App Development

Sector: Medical Research
Skills: Data Science, Natural Language Processing, App Development, Data Engineering
Tools: Python

Project kick-off Date: 2019/09/20

Volunteers Needed: 3 (1 already recruited)

2. Opportunity International

Exploratory Data Analysis to help Opportunity International, a leading Microfinance organisation, and its local partner in Indonesia (KOMIDA), paint a clearer picture of the services they provide and the value they’re generating by understanding correlation patterns between clients social profiles & the services provided.   

Cause: No Poverty
Project Category: Data - Exploratory Data Analysis

Sector: Microfinance
Skills: Exploratory Analysis, Data Visualisation
Tools: Tableau, SQL/Python/R

Project kick-off Date: 2019/09/20

Volunteers Needed:

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