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High quality but low equity

In 2018, UNICEF ranked Australia has the second most unequal education system in the world. This is largely due to social segregation and costs more than $20bn to the Australian economy.

While Australians are more highly educated than ever before, some groups of society still experience difficulty to access education. Improvements made in the past year have impacted less remote areas. See this ABS report for more details. In light of this, we believe that we can do our part to make our education system that little bit more equitable to all.

Education or Equal Education?

While most of the countries in the world provides primary, secondary and tertiary educations, systems can disadvantage students because of their socioeconomic backgrounds, locations or ethnicity. For example, certain areas might be underserved because they are remote or students from low economic background might not be able to afford quality education. Governments and organisations have done an impressive work in the past years to reduce these inequalities and ensure everyone has the same chances. Despite these efforts, there is still a lot of work to do.

Why access to education equity matters

Equal Education is not only a right. It has a strong proved positive impact on the economy. Students with a better access to school have higher chances of becoming skilled workers. More generally, as this OECD research explains, a good access to education mixed with other factors such as anti-discrimination policies or well-designed labour market institutions can reduce global income inequality.

We need you!

Become a data hero and help us improve access to education in Australia! You will get the chance to work directly with charities who want to improve the education system. With your skills, your team will solve challenges and help create a positive impact.

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