Collecting the right data


Help an app collecting the right data about homeless people in Sydney

The Jewish House has partnered with an organisation to create an app to help homeless people. This app is available to anyone and, when you download it, you can flag the locations where you have spotted homeless people and what they need.

This app is already used but still needs guidances in what data it can/should collect. There are ethical rules to consider, but they also need a long term vision on what data will be the most relevant.


  • Understanding the goals of the app and create a data strategy for it

  • Applying ethical rules to your advices too

  • A phase II of this piece of work would be to analyse and visualise the results. This phase will have a separate call

Skills needed: Data Strategy, Ethics. Ideally, experience with product and homelessness.

Number of volunteers required: 1-2

Time estimation: 2 weeks, +- 2 hours per week

Deadline: 31th of October

Contact if you are interested.