Analyse survey results


Analyse survey results about domestic violence

The Domestic Violence Service Management (DVSM) has collected data from a survey about domestic violence in the workplace. They have collected +- 2,000 answers and 30 fields in the format of an excel.

They need your help to clean the data and analyse it. They want to understand the trends and outliers. Visualisation is a plus too.


  • Clean the data

  • Analyse the trends and tell us the story behind it: Who answered them? What is their view on the DV in the workplace?

  • Visualisation if possible but not necessary

  • Next steps recommendations: how could they collect more data? What information could be collected?

  • You will present to their team the results at the end of the project (they are based in Sydney). Possible opportunity to present the results to the Civita community end of October

Skills needed: data wrangling, data cleaning, data visualisation using any tool you are more comfortable with (excel, R, Python), presentations skills. An understanding of the domestic violence issue is preferable but not necessary.

Number of volunteers required: 1-2 people

Time estimation: +- 4 hours for 3-4 weeks

Deadline: end of October for the DVSM team and Civita

Contact if you are interested to join.