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Map the available services to homeless people in sydney

The Jewish House has helped homeless people for many years. Like other similar charities, they know there are other services out there to which they can redirect some of their beneficiaries but are not sure which one is the most relevant in terms of services provided and location. For example, if a homeless woman needs a shelter and is located in Bondi, where is the place to go? If a homeless person in Central would like to cook or eat, where is the best place to go?

The information is spread and being able to consolidate and show the data would add a lot of value to this charity but many other similar ones.


  • Collecting the data available on the ACNC website

  • Consolidating and cleaning the data

  • Creating a Public Tableau (or else?) where services are located as precisely as possible

  • Labels are attached to these locations with the type of services they provide. These names can filtered

  • Ideally, we want to understand the area served by these services. We are unsure of the availability of this data though

  • Consolidating the documents, data and Tableau URL into a Github project to make it available to the public

Skills needs: Data wrangling, Data Collection, Data visualisation (Tableau preferred but could consider other visualisation tool), Data Storytelling.

Number of volunteers required: 2-4 people

Time estimation: +- 4 hours a week for 4 week. This estimation depends on the number of volunteers and their experience

Deadline: No hard deadline but Civita has a projects night on the 20th of October. Would be great for the team working on it to show their work.

Person of contact: Ethel Karskens (

Want to join the project? Email Ethel at and tell her when you can start.