“This experience helped broaden our approach and thinking about how we could use data better.”

Lee Cooper | Head of Innovation, Strategy & Social Impact At wayside chapel


How we work


Civita works hand in hand with the organisations to understanding their history, their key success metrics and the data literacy of the organisation. Our experienced data team helps the organisation scopes their needs, depending on their resources and goals. On the other end, we reach out to the Civita community and find the best match for them and the project. Our goal: finding the right match that will maximise the knowledge of both the organisation and the volunteers.



Civita connects its community and organisations in three different ways:

Ongoing projects

We publish frequently the latest active projects on our private repository. These projects can be started anytime in the year and last from one week to several months. You can apply as an individual or as a team.


Hackts are three-hours data-hackathons during which participants collaborate in teams on a data challenge. The organisations present their problems at the start of the event and the Civita teams supports the participants from a data and project management perspectives. At the end of the three hours, each team presents their solution to the jury and the other participants. The winning team will be connected to the charity and have the opportunity to work further on the project.


Civita partners with companies that want to create the best impact possible. Through a tailored program, we create a set of challenges that will not only help the charities you support, but also empower your employees to work on impactful projects that can up skill them”


“The entire program is well designed and delivers an outstanding framework tailored to individual organisations needs.”

Lipi Sharma, Organiser | Product Women


3 kinds of impact

Improving the lives of the beneficiaries of the organisations we help

Ensuring that the data project, once shared and applied to the organisation’s operations, increases the impact of the organisation.

Giving an opportunity for the data community to use their skills for the common good

Matching the data volunteers with the most relevant available project — from a skill and interest perspective — and mentoring them while they implement the solutions with the organisation.

Raising the data literacy of the larger audience

Opening the solutions and techniques to non-data people and improving the data literacy of society as a whole.



Our stories

Refugees Welcome Australia

In 2017, three data volunteers, Eugene, Sid and Josh collaborated with Refugees Welcome Australia to help them match asylum seekers with hosts in the area of Sydney. How did we join our forces to leverage the power of the data for social good?


Product Women

During our Hackt for Gender Equity STEM event, a group a volunteers took the challenge of helping the well-known Product Women meetup, in obtaining a better understanding of how they were achieving their goals.”.